SL’s dominant Delta variant named as AY.28

The locally mutated Delta variant of Covid-19 which displayed A701S, A222V and A1078S spike protein mutations has now been named as AY.28, The Morning learns.

Speaking to The Morning, Sri Jayewardenepura University’s Allergy, Immunology, and Cell Biology Unit Director Dr. Chandima Jeewandara stated that AY.28 is the mutation’s new assigned sub lineage.

“This Delta is now called the B.1.617.2.28, Sri Lanka lineage,” he stated.

It was also detailed that as of yesterday (25), 382 sequences in the AY.28 lineage have been detected since the lineage was identified. From the worldwide total of 382, 228 such detections were from Sri Lanka.

Other countries where it has been detected include Turkey, India, USA and Russia.