SL’s first underground electrical transmission cable system

The Government has paid attention to establish underground electrical transmission cable systems and promote renewable energy resources, including hydro, solar, and wind power, Minister of Power Dullas Alahapperuma said.

He said that there is a need to make Sri Lanka’s electricity service more efficient, inexpensive, and uninterrupted; at the same time, the Government has identified the need of underground electrical transmission cable systems.

According to the Minister, all plans have been devised in collaboration with the Lanka Electricity Company (Pvt.) Ltd. (LECO) to launch a pilot project to establish Sri Lanka’s first underground electrical transmission cable system in Galle.

While speaking at a meeting in Galle on 9 January, Alahapperuma added: “Projects launched with the aim of providing electricity to the entire country are a success. To date, 99.6% of people living in the Galle District have been provided with electricity. Only 2,730 families in the district live without electricity, and we are ready to ensure that they also receive electricity before the end of 2022.”

The Minister emphasised that electricity is a basic infrastructure and also an essential service.

Renewable energy projects in the Galle District are yet to gain popularity, he opined, adding that only 919 houses in the district have installed solar panels on the roof.

He went on to say that steps are being taken to generate electricity by installing solar panels on the roofs of houses and offices in the Galle District as well as to expand the new project which involves generating power using transformers.

“In addition, we have also planned to launch a project which involves generating power using garbage, which has become a pressing issue in Sri Lanka,” he added.