Specialists believe administering second dose of COVID vaccine in three months more suitable: Minister

Co-Cabinet Spokesman Dr. Ramesh Pathirana said that it is the opinion of medical experts in Sri Lanka and around the world that administering the second dose of COVID-19 vaccine should be done in three months.

The Minister said today that this opinion was expressed by the specialist doctors in Sri Lanka at media briefings. He said that the second vaccine would be given at the most appropriate time considering all these factors.

He added that the remaining number of vaccines for the second vaccination will be delivered to Sri Lanka soon and it will be confirmed medically whether it will be done within a month or two.

The Minister recalled that the main allegation of the Opposition was that the vaccine would not be given in our country.

Pathirana said that it is the intention of the government to be in the forefront of the world by vaccinating all the 14 million people in our country who need to be vaccinated as soon as possible.

He said that the government administered vaccination programme was now in full swing, giving priority to the suburbs and the health and safety sectors.

He was speaking at a media briefing held at the Government Information Department today (23).

“No one should have any doubts and the government is determined to complete the vaccination programme in a transparent, fair and equitable manner within a very short period of time,” the Minister said.