Sputnik V second dose: people were fooled says Lakshman

Raising concerns over the incident where signatures were obtained when administering the first dose of the Sputnik vaccine in Kandy earlier, Chief Opposition Whip Lakshman Kiriella has alleged that the authorities fooled the people of the country.

“When people in Kandy were administered with the Sputnik vaccine in May, the authorities knew they would have trouble procuring the second dose. Then they informed that a signature will be taken on a letter detailing that the second dose is unnecessary,” Kiriella said in a statement.

He notes that this proves the officials had an understanding of the complications pertaining to administering the second dose.

“They fooled the people in Kandy. They put them in danger intentionally. The elite families in Kandy did not take the first dose of the vaccine since they read on the internet that the manufacturing process of the sputnik vaccine had stopped,” he said.