SriLankan clarifies reports of staff member testing positive and being detained in China

Further to an article published by The Morning on September 13 titled “Covid-positive SriLankan staffer detained in China?” which claimed that a SriLankan employee is currently being held in China under the country’s health regulations, as she had tested positive for Covid-19, SriLankan Airlines denied the occurrence of such an incident via a statement released today (12).

The Airline clarified that on 3rd September, SriLankan flight UL866 arrived in Shanghai, China, and upon their arrival, the entire crew was subjected to PCR tests and other health regulations imposed by the authorities there. All PCR test reports returned as negative.

Following this, the Airline notes that after carrying out preliminary health checks by the Chinese authorities, except for one crew member all others were allowed to proceed to the crew hotel.

“When anyone arrives in China, he or she must fill in a self-health declaration via a mobile app. In that declaration, one must indicate whether he or she had been infected with Covid-19 previously. The SriLankan crew member concerned had stated in the declaration admitting that she had contracted the virus four months ago,” the Airline stated.

Taking into consideration the self-declaration details made by the crew member, Chinese health authorities took steps to isolate the said crew member in a quarantine dedicated hospital.

“As per their Covid-19 health guidelines, if any visitor arriving in China had contracted Coronavirus previously had to go through another two PCR tests and temperature checks for three days in isolation,” it highlighted.

Accordingly, the said crew member concerned was isolated for three days at a quarantine hospital and all the PCR tests done during this period returned negative. Thereafter, the crew member concerned was released from the quarantine hospital to the crew hotel. The crew member concerned returned to Sri Lanka last Saturday.

“SriLankan Airlines wishes to reiterate that at no point was our crew member detained or tested positive for Covid-19 as mentioned in the false news report. The SriLankan crew member was simply following the health procedures laid out by the Chinese authorities. SriLankan Airlines always continues to keep safety at the forefront without jeopardizing the safety of our passengers, crew, and equipment,” the Airline concluded.