SriLankan hopeful of ‘full’ flights in winter 


  • CEO Nuttall hopes to increase capacity to Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia


By The Morning Business Desk 

SriLankan Airlines, in anticipation of a packed winter season, is planning to increase flight capacities to Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and other Asian destinations, CEO Richard Nuttall disclosed last evening (23) during a press conference. 

“We are hopeful that all of the flights will be full in December. In terms of capacity, we would like to increase it, especially in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. We have commenced flights to Sydney and we would like to increase our capacities there.”

Nuttal further noted that SriLankan is also hoping to increase flights to Korea, while also looking at India, to where it flies over 90 times to nine destinations per week. He stated that to some of these destinations, SriLankan is operating only one flight per week, while he is hoping to double this frequency in the short term. 

“We would also like to increase flights to Korea, one of the top 10 destinations. When we look at India, India was the most affected by the travel advisories and we are flying a fraction of what we used to. We are operating to some Indian destinations with just one flight a day. It has to go back to two a day. Since 2019, we have resumed flights to Paris, Frankfurt, and Sydney.”

However, according to Nuttall, SriLankan is in no position at the moment to increase flight frequencies, because they lack the aircraft. 

“We are looking to expand to our fleet and replace the aircraft that are leaving or have left the fleet,” he said.