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“Do it right – everyday wellness for an entrepreneur” is a live webinar that will be conducted by Edulink International Campus on Sunday, 1 August at 9 a.m. The programme will be hosted by weight loss coach and Founder Poornima Siriwardana. 

The event will focus on the importance of managing our nutrition and exercise, and how this can then lead to achieving good wellness, providing: “Wellness is especially important as we age because regular exercise and proper nutrition can help prevent a variety of ailments including cardiovascular disease, obesity, and fall risk behaviours.”
We at Brunch reached out to Poornima Siriwardana, who will be conducting the programme. A renowned wellness instructor and a corporate trainer, she is also the creator of the “Intense Body Sculpt Method”. Currently reading for a National Diploma in Sports Strength and Conditioning at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, Poornima specialises in home-based fitness plans for corporates and others with inflexible or challenging work-life schedules. 

Inspired by her own personal weight loss journey, Poornima shared that as a former Human Resources Management Head of Department she lead a life which was incredibly singularly focused, and she soon realised that “there was no point in becoming a CEO if I was going to suffer a heart attack by 40”, and so she embarked on a weight loss journey where she immersed herself in holistic weight loss and fitness research and implementation as opposed to simple physical solutions. 

She shared that having witnessed incredible results, she was soon approached by her family, peers, and those around her for advice and guidance, and she soon realised the potential for real change and how she could possibly assist another, someone who is also in a similar situation to her past self, to reach their goals. 

Poornima said that her programme has an emphasis on nutrition and customisation, stating that what works for one person most certainly will not work for another. She shared that she often works with mothers, doctors, and entrepreneurs; often people who have very challenging lifestyles where their schedules are incredibly demanding and they, more often than not, have very long days. 

She said that this subsection of society finds it difficult to portion out the time to hit the gym and work out and often, misguidedly, they assume that if not the gym then there is no way for them, and many find it difficult to engage in training by themselves. She created her programme to lend a hand to all of these people faced with these difficulties. Poornima said that in the two years she has been conducting programmes she has encountered countless clients who have come to her with various limitations, be it in terms of lifestyle or even physically. “I have worked with those who have suffered heart attacks, experienced spine damage, surgery, etc.,” she said, adding: “Often what you start off with is not what you will continue on, as an initial monitoring would prove that something else would be more effective.” In all of this she said customisation has been key.

At the workshop on Sunday, Poornima will be guiding audiences through the following curated topics; Nourish your body – “You are what you eat”, Everyday fitness for a busy life, Make wellness your sustainable lifestyle, and BodyPro as a startup online platform. 

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