Statements recorded from over 14 involved in church grenade incident: IGP

The Sri Lanka police has recorded statements from 14 individuals with regard to the recent recovery of a hand grenade from inside a church in Borella, says the Inspector General of Police (IGP) C.D. Wickramaratne.

Soon after the explosive material was found inside All Saints’ Church in Borella at around 4.40 p.m. on January 11, four individuals including the caretaker of the church were taken into custody.

Initial investigations reveal that the grenade had been placed behind a statue using sellotape, matchsticks, and incense sticks for it to catch fire and explode.

“The investigations were initiated by the Borella Police and were later taken over by the Colombo Crimes Division.” said IGP Wickramaratne while delivering a special statement to the media.

The police chief said the footage obtained from the CCTV at the church is used in this probe, which is still in its preliminary stages, adding that the investigating officers are examining pieces of scientific, technical, exploratory and personal evidence with the assistance of experts in related fields.

A comprehensive investigation is being conducted to uncover the perpetrator who brought the explosive material into the church, the purpose of setting it up and those who aided and abetted him, he stressed.

Wickramaratne further pledged to bring all those who are linked to the said incident to book without delay.