Sunny Days : Dress edition

By Mahika Panditha

Hey guys, happy Sunday! As you know, the hot days and the heat are BACK ! And even though there is still no vaccine for Covid-19, the lockdown has been slightly eased, allowing you to move around and slowly start to see people.

Although this time your days won’t be full of crazy parties and different events, you can still look your best even if you’re just going for a simple lunch! Even though it isn’t completely safe outside, that’s no reason not to dress up or look cute even if it just means you want to take Instagram pictures in your room or with your friends in your garden.

Over the past two months, I’ve been having Zoom calls with friends all over the world. Some even require me to dress up and look decent so that we can take pictures. This was actually a great way for me to further understand my style. The time we had has also given a lot of people the opportunity to see what kind of style they actually like. however, since we live on a beautiful island, I don’t think there’s any better outfit except a beautiful summer dress!

So to start off the “Sunny Days” series, I’m going to list a few styles of dresses for you that you can buy right here in Colombo.

Comfy and cozy

You can always be comfortable in a really cute outfit. There are some dresses that are just more comfortable than the others – they are the stunning long and stylish dresses that you should have in your wardrobe! Personally, I love wearing these types of dresses since I am pretty tall; I love how it’s loose and flowy. If it’s just going to the beach or going for a walk,  you can style it up with a belt or a simple cardigan. My favourite pairing would be some chunky jewelry that brings out the colours of the dress. You can find something like this at The Design Collective or at The Three By TPV’s collection!

Go with the flow

Similar to the “comfy and crazy” style, this is a popular summer dress that you can see a lot of people wearing either at the beach, at a brunch, or at a breakfast! The possibilities are endless. You can fetch basic pieces or patterned pieces. Just like the comfy and cozy dresses, you can dress these up with accessories or even a blazer. It really does depend on your style and the dress you select. If you are wearing a flowy dress during the day, pick out some cute sandals or wedges to go with it. If it is more of a nighttime affair, throw on your favourite pair of heels and rock that fit. Check out Dimitra’s collection – they have some absolutely gorgeous pieces in the most beautiful colours. There is even a mix of patterns and solid colours.

Mini mini mini

I love a good mini dress! I just think it works great with heels, sneakers, and flats; depending on the dress style, you can even pair it with a pair of slippers. My favourites for this summer are so far from Mimosa (they have some beautiful colours in their collections and even have a whole pastel collection that recently came up) and Shay Int. (their striking floral pieces have my heart, and they even have longer options with similar patterns so you can really select whichever style you like).

Ruffles for days

I feel like ruffles never really go out of style simply because there are so many different ways they can be incorporated into an outfit. Obviously, a few outfits work better than others and sometimes you can’t wear ruffles at certain events. However, you can 100% find a ruffle fit that works for you. These are more simplistic dresses, the ruffles add a sense of flair that I adore. For the summer, I highly recommend going for patterned ruffle pieces because it brings out that “summer vibe” you are going for. Koko’s Apparel has some absolutely banging pieces. If you are looking for alternatives, Lagoon Lab would be a good place to check out – they generally have a beautiful selection of pieces. Pair your patterned ruffles with some hoops or simple studs, and you will be good to go.

Simply white

I love wearing white clothes just because I think it makes my skin tone pop, and I think for most girls it generally does! A simple white dress is not a lot, but it’s definitely so summery if you wear some really beautiful jewelry with it. You can even throw in the summer hat and some dazzling sandals. Even a summer bag! It would look so good and it is perfect for a hot summer day, if you’re by the beach or you’re going for lunch. It’s one of those multipurpose outfits. White even allows you to choose whatever type of makeup you want – be glam or simple. Ileana The Label has timeless designs that work for any season. Check them out at The Design Collective.

Maybe a t-shirt dress

T-shirt dresses never go out of style! You can literally wear them for work, a party, or a brunch; whatever event you’re going for, there is a t-shirt dress. For the summer specifically, La Ceyloné has some beautiful floral print t-shirt dresses that I think everyone should have. Throw on a striking black belt with gold or silver accents, some high heels if you want to dress it up for the night, and some of your favourite jewelry. If you’re just going out for the day, you can wear flats, sandals, or high-heeled wedges (if you’re comfortable with that).

Slip dresses

For those of you going on summer dates or girls’ nights, I highly recommend a slip dress! I absolutely love slip dresses because they are so easy to wear and the beauty truly lies in the simplicity of it. It’s very lightweight, very easy to carry, and genuinely very comfortable to wear – both during the day or during the night. You can get basic or patterned slip dresses. It really does depend on your personal style and how you want to wear it. Or where you want to wear it, rather. IKKIVI has some marvelous pieces that you can check out at The Design Collective.

Photos The Three By TPV, Dimitra, Mimosa, Shay Int., Koko’s Apparel, Ileana The Label, La Ceyloné, IKKIVI (Instagram pages)