Sunny Side Up: Foreign orders for cardboard coffins

Vietnam has reportedly placed an order to import a stock of cardboard coffins manufactured in Sri Lanka. It is the first foreign order received by the project that was launched by the Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia Municipal Council.

The order from Vietnam is for 1,000 cardboard coffins, and the shipment is to be dispatched this week.

The cardboard coffins were manufactured for Covid-19 victims.

Council Member Priyantha Sahabandu told the media that the project was aimed at providing relief to people who are unable to afford a regular wooden coffin that costs between Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 40,000 to bury or cremate their friends and family who succumb to Covid-19. The cardboard coffins cost Rs. 5,000 each.

According to Sahabandu, many trees have to be cut down to build wooden coffins to meet the requirements of the Covid dead. The cardboard coffins have also ensure that trees would not have to be felled to make coffins.