Sunny Side Up: Height of embarrassment 

A governing Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) local government member last week resorted to a novel method to express the height of embarrassment suffered by him due to the failure to honour promises given to the public. 

SLPP member at the Kuliyapitiya Pradeshiya Sabha, Indunil Kumaratunge had last Thursday (10) attended a protest outside the Kuliyapitiya Pradeshiya Sabha adorned in a blouse usually worn by women together with a piece of cloth draped like a skirt. 

When questioned as to why he was dressed like a woman, the SLPP member had responded saying that he was embarrassed with the failure to honour a pledge given by him as a governing party member and the only option was to remove his pair of trousers and dress himself in a skirt. “It’s so embarrassing, I cannot step out wearing my clothes,” he had told the media. 

The protest was organised over the failure to secure a teaching hospital that had been promised for Kuliyapitiya.