Sunny Side Up: Only MP’s pay for ministers

President Ranil Wickremesinghe is currently working on forming an all-party national government to resolve the ongoing crises in the country. Discussions of forming such a mechanism involving members of all political parties represented in Parliament will undoubtedly indicate an expansion in the number of ministerial portfolios in the Government.

However, given the current crisis situation in the country, the President has decided that all ministers and state ministers in the all-party national government will not be paid the usual ministerial salaries and will function only on the salaries currently being paid to all Members of Parliament (MPs).

Many members of the Government have already expressed concerns over the growing public dissension against politicians, especially Government members, due to the many perks and privileges enjoyed by them.

Accordingly, Wickremesinghe has noted that a Cabinet paper will be presented once an all-party national government is formed, outlining the fact that all ministers and state ministers will only receive an MP’s salary for a period of one year and will be entitled only to one official vehicle to carry out their duties.

It is learnt that the proposed all-party national government will consist of 30 cabinet and 40 state ministers.