Sunny Side Up: Souvenirs from President’s House

Investigations into the items stolen from the President’s House following the forcible occupation of the premises by protesters post the 9 July protests have revealed that most of the items moved from the President’s House had been taken by people as souvenirs.

Investigators have so far managed to find the individuals who had taken an iron and a beer mug from the President’s House. The individuals were arrested and presented to Court when it was revealed by them that they had taken the items as souvenirs to mark the historical incident of 9 July and the significance of their visit to the President’s House.

Another individual who had taken the President’s flag and walked out of the President’s House with it wrapped around him was also arrested.

Most of the arrests made so far have been carried out following investigations into CCTV footage and photographic evidence, including social media posts where some of the individuals had posted pictures of their visit to the President’s House.