Super food products exported to Jordan by SL

As part of the Economic Diplomacy initiatives of the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Jordan, new Super Food products from Sri Lanka such as Avocado Powder and Pumpkin Flour for keto products which had not entered the Jordanian market from Sri Lanka have been introduced by the TeaTalk company through a Jordanian Importer sourced by the Embassy, the government said.

The TeaTalk company which has diversified from mainly exporting Ceylon tea is now producing innovative value added Sri Lankan products and has also commenced exporting Vanilla Beans in Pod form to the Jordan market.

The Sri Lanka Embassy as part of their vigorous commercial activities to actively drive Sri Lankan exports into Jordan has taken steps to bring in more novel products into Jordan which was previously considered a non-traditional market for Sri Lankan exporters.

The TeaTalk company was one of the companies on the pioneer Trade delegation organized by the Export Development Board of Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Jordan Shanika Dissanayake to familiarize Sri Lankan exporters with the Jordan market in February last year.