Superior rice for animal feed: Farmers 

By Skandha Gunasekara 

Rice used for human consumption is being used as animal feed, which could result in a shortage, The Morning reliably learnt. 

All Ceylon Farmers Association Head Namal Karunaratne told The Morning that premium rice was being used along with refuse rice, as animal feed.

“They are packaging good, healthy rice along with condemned rice for animal feed. This is a serious problem.”

He said the foremost cause was the ban on maize imports.

“Maize is the staple for animal feed. Usually, around 40% or more of animal feed is maize. But with the maize importation ban, farmers are now using substitutes such as rice.”

He said the Government must take action to address the issue.

“Right now, we have sufficient rice stocks for human consumption, but if this trend continues, those stocks could be at risk. The Government must look into this pertinent problem.”