Suspect arrested in Mawanella in connection with Easter Attacks

A 32-year-old man was arrested in the Mawanella area yesterday (06) in connection with the ongoing investigations into the Easter attacks.

He is a resident of Mawanella, said Police Media Spokesman, Senior DIG Ajith Rohana.

Senior DIG Ajith Rohana stated that the man had been running a textile business online and would be detained and further questioned.

It has been revealed that Zaharan Hashim, who has been identified as the main suspect in the Easter attacks, had been conducting classes with the help of youths in various parts of Sri Lanka in the last part of 2018, police said.

Police Media Spokesman, Senior DIG Ajith Rohana said that Zaharan had tried to propagate extremist and Wahhabi ideologies among the youth through those classes.

The Police Media Spokesman further stated that the persons who organized these classes and those who taught in those classes have been constantly arrested.

He said that at present 13 such persons have been arrested and are being questioned on detention orders.