Target is to make SL the safest travel destination: Tourism Minister

Tourism Minister Prasanna Ranatunga stated that the government’s target is to make Sri Lanka the safest country in the world free of Covid for tourists, as the government has decided to end the Covid vaccination process for all Sri Lankans by May.

He emphasized that the tourism industry is gradually recovering after the country reopened to tourists on January 21.

The Minister said this at a special discussion held at the Ministry of Tourism yesterday (08) regarding the current situation and future plans.

“At present, arrangements are being made to attract tourists from countries such as India, Germany and Italy. Tourist organizations are working in this regard. We have taken all necessary steps to prevent the spread of Covid among the tourists and between the tourists and our community,” he said.

Speaking further, he stated, “The revival of the tourism industry which was completely destroyed due to Covid-19 will be of great help to the country’s economy. Our goal is to take the tourism industry to the next level.”