Teachers on the fence about returning to schools: Stalin

Despite the re-opening of schools happening on the 21st of October, teachers are indecisive on whether or not to return back to teaching duties, says General Secretary of Sri Lanka Teachers’ Union Joseph Stalin.

During a conversation with The Morning today (13), Stalin stated that teachers are reluctant to return back to school with the salary anomalies unresolved.

“The teachers are not happy with the suggestion made by the Government. If the salary anomalies are not resolved immediately, we might see a full classroom of students with no teacher. We are not satisfied with the solution that the Government has made. The Government spends so much on unnecessary things in one go, but cannot allocate Rs 30 billion to pay the dues of teachers? That, to me, is unacceptable. There are two weeks more for schools to be re-opened, the Government will have to make a decision soon,” said Stalin.

He further went on to say that the Teachers and Principals Unions feel as if the Government does not consider Teaching as an important profession anymore.

“I don’t think the Government considers teaching as an important profession anymore. Maybe that is why a deaf ear is turned to our pleas,” Stalin remarked.