The Fox Den

  • Good food, live music, and a great time

Colombo is attempting to settle into its old rhythms, albeit cautiously, keeping in mind that we are not out of the woods just yet and the pandemic is very much present. However, living life is a necessity, and with safety precautions in mind, a number of restaurants, bars, and cafes have started to open up their doors to their patrons.

The Fox Den lounge

Last Thursday (11), we were lucky enough to experience some amazing live music, incredible food, a few drinks, and overall good vibes at Fox Den Colombo. A new player on the scene, Fox Den is a resto-bar that is currently occupying the top floor of the old De Vos Café on De Vos Lane, Bambalapitiya.

The venue is cosy and comfortable, and according to Director Divaker Selliah, it is meant to be this way as it emulates the extension of your living room, where you’ve pretty much been for the past two years.

Divaker shared that what they hope to create here at Fox Den is a safe haven of sorts for those of us who are a little rusty with social situations. Walking into a bar that is in full swing, this venue will bring you the familiarity that you’ve got used to, but heightened with some live music, expertly prepared comfort foods, and some fun beverages to go along with it.

Fox Den Director Divaker Selliah

While the night did start off in a rather quiet and intimate manner, thanks to the night’s entertainment, the outstandingly talented Dillon Manuel, things did get shaken up quite a bit as the night progressed. Divaker shared that live music would be a major component of Fox Den, and it would certainly be a major draw for the venue, especially as they hope to feature charismatic artists like Dillon, who really get the crowd worked up and singing along well into the night.

It would be absolutely remiss of us not to make note of the food, which was delicious and ideal for what Fox Den is all about. We were lucky enough to enjoy some of their signature items, including juicy pork chops, and some innovative drinks like a popcorn-infused arrack – it smelled heavenly and tasted just as good, and it would genuinely be a crime not to try.

Divaker also shared that Fox Den officially launched just a week prior to the extended lockdown, and during this time, they were lucky enough to retain their staff, who operate a singular unit that comprises the front house and the kitchen. This team dynamic has really coasted them through these hard times. He noted that it was a happy coincidence that their food was quite beloved by the takeaway customers who were hooked on Fox Den’s meals during the lockdown.

Surf n turf

Fox Den will soon be a fully functioning resto-bar, with accommodation of 14 rooms and two work spaces for corporates who wish to enjoy a change of setting to something a little more casual. Divaker added that this space would be unique, particularly considering its idyllic location on Duplication Road, surrounded by corporates and also because it would be a lot more informal than the co-working office spaces that are more commonly available.

He also added that they hope to open up De Vos Café downstairs as well, where a family enjoying a quiet meal down at the café would have the opportunity to come up for a quick glass of wine or to simply unwind in a different setting. He shared that if you are ever in the area, you can be sure that Fox Den can offer something for everyone.