The Pearl: Unseen moments of Sri Lankan wilderness 

  • Wildlife photography exhibition by Wasiri Rasu Gajaman

Wildlife and nature photographer Wasiri Rasu Gajaman is hosting his maiden photography exhibition “The Pearl” on 26, 27, and 28 November at the Lionel Wendt Art Centre, Colombo 7.  The event will commence at 3.30 p.m. on 26 November and continue on through 27 and 28 November from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Coffee table book

The Pearl will showcase Gajaman’s wildlife photography, together with the sale of his coffee table book, also titled The Pearl, featuring a collection of his most beloved pieces. 

We reached out to the artist himself to share with us his journey into photography considering the unique trajectory he pursued to get to where he is today. A medical officer with 21 years of experience, Gajaman is currently working as the District Medical Officer (DMO) of the Divisional Hospital in Dikwella. He shared that having graduated with his MBBS in 1999 from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ruhuna, he started working as a doctor in the General Hospital of Matara the following year.

His photography journey didn’t start until much later when he picked it up as a hobby in 2005 with a small point-and-shoot camera, just for the purpose of recording his experiences as he journeyed to various scenic places in the country exploring his love of nature and travel. He said that his path has been one of self-education and of experience, and that he has come a long way in photography up to this point by being diligent and being absolutely passionate about his craft.

Wildlife and nature photographer Wasiri Rasu Gajaman

He expressed that despite his relatively delayed foray into the industry, he picked it up quite quickly and even went on to take part in national and international photography competitions since about the year 2018. He has since been awarded over 150 international awards, and has also received many photographic distinctions including EPSA from Photographic Society of America, AFIAP from the Federation of International Photographic Art in France, and GPU-CR 2 and GPU-VIP 1 from the Global Photographic Union in Greece.

Further, he noted that The Pearl is his maiden book publication, a collection that features both nature and wildlife photographs, shot entirely in Sri ‬Lanka. He stated that due to his keen interest in travel, he has been blessed to capture ‬and visit many scenic and hidden locations on the island. ‬‬‬‬‬

“I have explored the country from Point Dondra to Point Pedro, from the deepest sea to the highest mountain in Central Highlands, and from the largest living animals in both sea and on land, to the tiny living creatures living unnoticed in our own home gardens,” he said, adding that with regard to his photography, he entertains all possible angles and methodologies in technique as he will forever be a student and wish only to grow in his trials. ‬

Therefore, Gajaman shared that in his book one will see an assortment of captures including black and white and ‬coloured images ‬capturing the art and patterns of nature; macro and close-ups, ‬wide-angle and habitat photography which include “animal landscapes”, aerial photography, and underwater photography, and many others.

Some stunning 200 ‬photographs are included ‬in Gajaman’s book with accompanying captions for each image, revealing valuable information for its readers including the featured subject’s common name, ‬scientific name, location it has been captured in, and even the camera equipment used and optic details.‬ He shared that he wishes for the book to be an education experience for a number of readers with a diverse range of interests.

Gajaman in action

The exhibition, which was previously scheduled for the end of last April, was postponed due to the current pandemic situation. However, the event is now open to the public and safety precautions will be followed stringently.

A special 35% discount price is available for the coffee table book. 

Contact 0718182500 via WhatsApp or Viber, or call or message for requests along with the name, address, mobile number, and number of copies required.