There are not enough oxygen cylinders for Covid patients: Association of Medical Specialists

The Association of Medical Specialists today (30) issued a statement alleging that even though there is enough oxygen that can be provided to Covid patients, there are only a limited amount of oxygen cylinders to transport the oxygen to the patients.

“There are only 28 large oxygen cylinders in the country, and they can only transport upto 2000 to 3000 liters of oxygen. The largest ones are only based in Colombo and Peradeniya. Even if we have enough oxygen, which is supplied by two different companies, we do not have the resources to transport the oxygen to the patient,” they said.

They requested that the Ministry of Health take steps to import jumbo oxygen cylinders which can hold up to 7050 liters of oxygen.

They stated that we as Sri Lankans need to take a step forward in order to ensure that the same situation as India does not happen to us.