There were plenty of opportunities to prevent Easter Attacks, authorities did not take charge: Chamal

Head of the Ministerial Committee to study the Presidential Commission report Chamal Rajapaksa stated today (06) that there had been a lot of opportunities to prevent the Easter Attacks, if only the relevant authorities had acted accordingly.

He said that several people who were involved in the destruction of Buddhist statues in Mawanella had been perpetrators of the Easter Attacks and that the police should have taken action against them at that point.

Rajapaksa stated that those who funded the businessman Ibrahim __ had also played a part in the Easter attacks, as they had known about the attacks but did not notify the relevant authorities.

He said that the committee was committed to identify the perpetrators and make sure such incidents do not occur in the country again.

He also said that their recommendations had been given to the AG Department and it was up to them to take necessary action on the suspects after studying the evidence.

Minister of Public Security Sarath Weerasekara stated that there have been 32 suspects named in the report who have assisted in the Easter Attacks, and further investigations are continuing. Further, over 200 have been remanded in connection with the Easter Attacks.