Three production villages constructed in Dickwella

Construction of three production villages have been initiated in Dickwella under the patronage of State Minister of Samurdhi Shehan Semasinghe.

Kottagoda-Suduwella Umbalakada and Karawala Production Village, Walagas Production Village, Walampala Village, Walagas Production Village Production villages are to be activated.

Up to a maximum of Rs. 100,000, bank loans and technical advice will be provided to selected beneficiaries in these villages to enhance their industry.

A sum of Rs. 102 lakhs has been allocated for the three villages in Dickwella. A meeting was held with the Kottagoda-Suduwella beneficiaries at the Dickwella Pradeshiya Sabha auditorium today.

With the financial assistance of the Samurdhi Bureau, 500 prosperous villages will be created throughout the country, 50 of which will be related to the fishing industry.

Meanwhile, a manufacturing village for the pottery industry was inaugurated yesterday (04) in the Mahiellewa village in the 435 Mahabellan Kadawala Division in the Thambuththegama Divisional Secretariat Division under the Saubhagya Production Villages Program.

“We started providing pot sheds required for the pottery industry to 27 beneficiary families selected for that village.A sum of Rs. 2.7 million has been allocated for this purpose under the Saubhagya Production Villages Program,” the State Minister said.