Three runaway teens left home to become dancing stars: Police Spokesman

The 3 teenage girls who went missing on the 8th of November and returned back home yesterday (09) had ran away from home in the hopes of becoming dancing stars, The Morning learns.

Speaking to The Morning, Police spokesperson SSP Nihal Thalduwa revealed the details of what happened to the 3 girls.

“The girls had secretly left the home early in the morning on the 8th of November in the hopes of becoming dancers. They had pawned 2 rings which they had on their hands and received Rs 60,000 in cash. They had then gone to a clothing outlet called Fashion Bug and purchased clothes such as jeans, t-shirts and other casual wear. This is because they knew they had no chance of joining a dance troupe or class while wearing the attire they were in. The girls had acted spontaneously based on their dreams and ambitions,” said Thalduwa.

He went on to say that once they had changed their clothing, the girls had then attempted to join a dance group in Wattala. Whereas, attempts had failed and the 3 girls had then boarded a bus to Anuradhapura.

The bus conductor on suspicion had immediately brought the girls back to Colombo as they were minors.

In a desperate attempt to join a dance troupe, the girls had then attempted to get help from a Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) Leader Sajith Premadasa.

“The girls had arrived at Sirikotha asking for help. When informed by the security that no one was available to attend to their needs, the girls had then proceeded to the SJB leaders office, where they were turned down once again as Premadasa was not in office,” Thalduwa said.

Additionally, Thalduwa mentioned that the girls come from very “strict and conservative” homes, so they were not allowed to listen to music or watch television.

“It is sad, the girls were following their dreams of being stars. The police are now investigating their story and the girls have been referred to a Judicial Medical Officer to conduct a mental and physical evaluation. The girls seem unharmed, but we still need to evaluate the children and see,” concluded Thalduwa.