Travel ban imposed on Kurunegala Mayor and four others

The Kurunegala Magistrate has imposed a travel ban on Kurunegala Mayor Thushara Sanjeewa and four others over the Buwaneka hotel monument case.

At the same time, the Magistrate re-issued warrants through Acting Inspector General of Police (IGP) C. D. Wickremeratne, the Superintendent of Police of the Kurunegala and the DIG for the arrest of the suspects as the Kurunegala Police had failed to execute warrants against the suspects earlier.

Sanjeewa came under public and media scrutiny for allegedly ordering the demolition of the 13th Century building believed to be the King’s Court of King Buwanekabahu II in Kurunegala.

The AG had ordered the Acting IGP to make the arrests on charges under Antiquities Ordinance & Public Property Act.

The Department of Archaeology had recognized the building as an archaeological site and had scheduled excavation and preservation work to commence on 16 July.

However, it was reported that on 15 July that the Road Development Authority (RDA) without seeking approval from the Department of Archaeology had demolished the building using a bulldozer.