• Chronicling life on the road 

During these pandemic times, it feels a little strange to even think about travel – back when it was simply a matter of making that decision to step outside. Sharing with us their thoughts about the good old times and how thankful they are to have done their fair share of travel prior to the pandemic are travel content creators Chathura and Udayangani.

The duo are known for their travel-themed content page on Instagram,, and they shared their collective journey through the years as a couple who bonded over their mutual love of travel and how our current global predicament has affected them as individuals.

Speaking to Brunch, Chathura Anuranga shared that he and his wife Udayangani Nisansala, who both hail from Matara, started their content creation journey together after they got married just last year.

The duo simply got started on creating content online as a means to preserve their memories together, the places they’ve been to, and the things they did as a couple. Chathura said that it really was started without any commercial intentions: “This started not for a special reason, but for us to keep our memories here.” However, he is happy to see that it has grown into something a little bit more. 

He said that while travel has always been a part of their lives, always loving the great outdoors and being able to explore the wonders of Sri Lanka together, it was even more special because it was an opportunity to be able to have something the two of them shared between themselves which was just theirs.

Even so, with regards to developing and uploading content, Chathura said that the inspiration really came from one of their favorite content creating couples “Travel With Wife”. “We traveled before we got married. But we were inspired by ‘Travel With Wife’. It was Kasun ayya and Chamari akka who inspired me to start a content page.”

He said that travel has really been a freeing experience for them as both, as he and his wife have quite demanding day jobs, with Chathura being an IT Executive and Udayangani being an Accounts Executive. They are both engaged in the corporate world, and so they welcome nature and the outdoors as a much-needed reprieve. Chathura shared that whenever they are travelling, that is when they are most happy: “We both really want to be free from the hustle and bustle of life,” he said, and so, prior to the pandemic, they really made it a point to get out of the city as much as possible.

Sharing that some of their favorite locations have been places like Ella and Sigiriya-Dambulla, Chathura said: “We really love to visit these areas,” adding that despite these places being more commercial destinations, you are always going to discover numerous hidden gems in these locations the more frequently you visit them.

He said that while the pandemic has definitely put a damper in many of their plans and they have not been able to proceed as they would have liked, health and safety is always their priority, so they are patiently waiting until the time is right to hit the road once again. “Health is more important to us than anything else, some of the hotel reviews and trips we had planned in the past had to be postponed,” he said, adding also that he really doesn’t believe that they are doing anything special, only that they are doing something they love and simply sharing it with an audience. He hopes that it perhaps inspires others to do the same, as they too were inspired by similar creators.

Finally, Chathura shared one of their primary goals is to be able to create content full time: “Of course, we like to create full time content, because we like to live freely,” he said, sharing with us their future plans to start up another medium of content creation via YouTube: “There are plans to do something in the future through YouTube. We have already started a YouTube channel and we hope to improve it.” He added that through these initiatives the duo hopes to expand their travel plans and maybe even travel abroad and carry out their activities on all their social media platforms.