Two arrested in Oluvil for promoting extremism through classes for O/L students

The Terrorism Investigation Division has arrested two suspects yesterday in Oluvil area for conducting classes for students who sat for the GCE O/L students that promoted extremism, stated Police Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana today.

He said that the two suspects aged 30 and 39 were guided by Saharan Hashim who was the main perpetrator of the Easter Sunday Attacks.

The two suspects had allegedly used video footage promoting extremism to show the children. The TID has revealed that the two suspects had also conducted physical training programmes for the children and assaulted those who have been reluctant to obey.

The Police Spokesman stated that the children are being traced to be produced before the Judicial Medical Officer.

Further, the two suspects have been brought to the TID headquarters in Colombo and they will be detained under the Terrorism Prevention ordinance.

Another incident such as this had occurred in Muthur area recently where two more suspects were arrested for promoting extremism through classes for O/L students in 2018. The Spokesman said that further investigations are being done to ascertain the origins of that incident as well.