Two grenades recovered from dumpster behind Negombo SSP office

Two hand grenades have been found inside a dumpster behind the Negombo Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Office premises, The Morning learns.

When contacted by The Morning, Senior Superintendent of Police and Police Spokesperson Nihal Thalduwa revealed that the grenades were discovered by a municipality worker who attempted to clear away the trash.

He also stated that the grenades are now in the hands of the Police Special Task Force (STF), who are awaiting Court permission to diffuse the same. Permission is expected to be granted within the course of today (23).

“The Police are currently conducting an investigation as to where these grenades have come from,” he told The Morning.

Meanwhile, suspicions are afoot that the two grenades were placed in the dustbin between the 20th and 22nd of this month, as the Municipal Council had last cleared the dumpster on the 20th.