Two LPG shipments to arrive in July

Newly appointed Litro Gas Lanka Ltd. Chairman Muditha Peiris announced yesterday (23) that two ships carrying 7,000 metric tonnes (MT) of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) are due to arrive in Sri Lanka between 5 July and 12 July.

This was after Peiris said on 15 June that no LPG shipments are scheduled to arrive beyond the consignment that was unloaded on that day. 

Speaking to the media at the time, he had said: “At present, a ship with a capacity of nearly 3,900 metric tonnes (MT) of gas has been unloaded. When it comes to gas distribution, we try to prioritise areas that have been identified as essential services. However, a stock of 3,900 MT of gas is a very small amount and it is sad to say that this will not solve the current crisis. Not a single ship is scheduled to arrive in the country since this ship arrived. I can only see the empty ocean.”

Peiris also said at that press conference that the relevant suppliers were ready to supply sufficient stocks for the next four months in the country, but that the necessary negotiations had not been carried out by the previous heads at Litro Gas Lanka Ltd., adding that while he did not want to blame or point fingers at anyone, they should have acted more responsibly as heads of the national gas supplier. 

“I am aware of issues such as the country’s economic crisis and the shortage of foreign currency reserves, including US dollars. However, they should have at least spoken to three or four suppliers and discussed the due dates, at least on the condition that the payments would be made when the ships were being unloaded. Nothing of the sort had happened. When former heads here have acted irresponsibly in that way, I do not know how people would take it, but it is my duty and responsibility to tell the people the truth,” he had said.