UAE imposes ban on travellers from Sri Lanka

The UAE is expected to ban all travellers from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal.

According to the General Authority of Civil Aviation and National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (Ncema) of the UAE, the last flights to be allowed entry to UAE from the listed countries will be at 11.59pm on Wednesday May 12.

However, the Ncema has stated that this ban excludes transit services.

Under this decision, the suspension of entry for travellers who were in these four countries in the 14-day period prior to arrival in the UAE will be extended.

Flights between the four countries will continue to allow the transport of passengers from the UAE to Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka and the transfer of exempted groups from these countries to the UAE who have applied for exemption.

Exempted travellers include UAE citizens, those on diplomatic missions accredited by the four countries, official delegations, those traveling on business planes, and golden residence holders. However, these travellers will be subject to precautionary measures that include a 10-day quarantine and PCR testing at the airport and on the fourth and eighth days after entering the country.

The General Authority of Civil Aviation said that travellers coming from these four countries, through other countries, are required to provide proof of a period of stay of no less than 14 days in order to be allowed to enter the UAE.

Cargo flights will continue to operate between the four.