“Unholy and Manipulative” 20A exploited beyond its limit: Catholic Bishops’ Conference

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Sri Lanka following a meeting with the Catholic Parliamentarians both from the Government and the Opposition expressed its deep concern over the “erosion” of the democratic principles and values in Sri Lanka.

In a media release, the Conference notes that despite the promise made by the President and the Government before and after the elections, the formulation of a new Constitution for the country has been put on the back-burner with the adoption of the “unholy and manipulative” 20th Amendment to the Constitution. 

“It is being exploited beyond its limit to the detriment of the wellbeing of the country,” the Catholic Bishops’ Conference noted.

It went on to note that no one would oppose the One Country One Law objective in governance provided it stems from as a corollary of the Constitution of this country. 

However, it was noted that to appoint a Presidential Task Force comprising hand-picked individuals from outside without any reference to the democratically elected Legislature is “unacceptable” as the Parliamentary process has been ignored in a matter of such grave concern.

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Sri Lanka also said that leaving out the Tamils/Hindus and Catholics/Chrsitians, the two minority groups in the representation of the Task Force to study the implementation to achieve the purported objective of the One Country One Law concept “makes no sense”.

Referring to the appointment of Ven. Gnanasara Thero as the Chairperson of the task force, the Conference said that to appoint a person without giving any consideration to his past records to Chair the Presidential Task Force is adding insult to injury.

The statement issued by the Conference elaborates that it is their considered view that the relevant Gazette be repealed and a new Constitution be formulated which will give a guarantee to all citizens to stand equal before the law.