UNP insists on salary increase on behalf of the people

Deputy Leader of the United National Party (UNP) Ruwan Wijewardene released a video statement today (14), where he insisted that he Government increases the salaries of the people of Sri Lanka.

“They cannot blame the pandemic for their incompatibility and negligence in handling finances. The truth is that the economy is crashing and the Government cannot handle the situation. They cannot even handle the price hikes in milk and gas. Fuel will be next. How are people supposed to survive? The Government needs to increase the salaries of the people so the people can survive,” said Wijewardene.

Wijewardene emphasised that back in 2015 when the UNP was the Governing party, a similar situation was faced in the economy, yet the UNP handled the situation effectively.

“In 2015, we took over a country that was economically crashing and the cost of living was high. Yet, we understood the pain of the people and increased the salaries of Government servants by Rs 10,000,” Wijewardene stated.

He further goes on to say that when the Teachers salary anomalies were to be resolved, is when the change in the Government happened.

In conclusion, Wijewardene once again appealed to the Government to take immediate measures and increase the salaries of the people of Sri Lanka.