UNP must be re-shuffled from top to bottom: Navin Dissanayake

Whilst expressing his regret about the recent resignation of United National Party (UNP) member Arjuna Ranatunge, Former UNP Parliamentarian Navin Dissanayake said that he agrees with Ranatunge on the party needing a complete reformation and said that the UNP must be re-shuffled from top to bottom.

He made these statement during a media brief yesterday (30).

“On a policy basis, even I agree on certain aspects he had mentioned in his resignation letter. He had proposed for a complete reform within the party and not just a temporary one. It is clear that some hopes have been lost. The party leadership should agree to have an honest decision and then make the changes. The party should be re-shuffled from the top to the bottom,” He said.

He further added that temporary changes or shuffling positions is not what is required from the UNP.