UNP says amendment to tourism act not necessary

The United National Party called upon the Government to focus on reviving the tourism industry in the country before they attempt to amend the Tourism Act.

Member of the UNP Working Committee, Dinouk Colombage, when speaking to the media said that there was an urgent need to revive the tourism industry. “COVID-19 has damaged the industry immensely; the Government must focus on assisting the stakeholders both small and big. At this point adjusting any legislation in regard to the tourism industry must not be a priority.”

He questioned the Government over the moratoriums that were offered to the tourism sector, “while the moratorium period for the sector has been extended many stakeholders have urged the Government for more support. Hotels which were quarantine centers are now being avoided by holidaymakers, how will they be looked after?”

Colombage called upon the Government to ensure full support is extended to all areas of the tourism industry, “if the tourist sector’s immediate needs are not addressed, they will be no industry left.”