Upgrading men’s fashion

Crocodile Sri Lanka ‘Upgrade’ fashion show 2019

By Pavani Jayasinghe Munagamage

Setting a brand new standard for official menswear in Sri Lanka, the Lankan brand of Crocodile Sri Lanka took it up a notch by hosting one of the most extravagant fashion shows to have taken place in the span of the year 2019. The event took place on 27 August at The Stables: Park Street Mews on a white stage with entertainment which lasted the night and showcased a surprise unveiling of some of their own brand new pieces after the show.

The new collection in itself, customised for men, is titled “Upgrade”, and is suited for different seasons and occasions and encourages the Sri Lankan communities to step up and “upgrade” their game by choosing their clothes from a selection of four choices – professional, social, active, and personal. Each choice describes the different approaches of fashion which could be taken by men willing to step out of their comfort zones and create a change in their wardrobes. Professionally, the line offered a series of well-tailored shirts with a well-defined colour palette surrounding the nature of an office space, and was paired with an equally formal set of trousers which complemented the look.

The activewear upgrade was also showcased and ranged entirely from short-sleeved linen button-down shirts to jogger pants; both provided a combination of comfortable and relaxing wear for the day or night. The social line of clothing, taking it up a notch, evolved from the active line and celebrated structured and sophisticated pieces of fabric with polo t-shirts, chinos, and relaxed-style trousers to match.

The final collection – the personal collection – portrayed a more personalised wardrobe for men with different tastes in fashion, so they can shop at one place and find what they want under one roof – whether they want to be the star of the show or just comfortable in their your own skin, this personalised line of fabric will support them.

In addition to the brilliant new clothing lines presented, another highlight of the night was the launch of Crocodile’s prestigious new loyalty club, Club Crocodile, which allows customers to collect points with every transaction which then can be redeemed at Crocodile stores islandwide. Club members are also given exclusive access to special discounts and offers partnered with interactive groups such as ANC, Scope Cinemas, and Avirate.

If the night was not already full of surprises, the 27th also marked the launch of Crocodile’s newly reborn e-commerce website,, where purchasing any Crocodile product is now only one click away. The event was graced by famous icons from all around Sri Lanka who joined the merry environment accompanied by great food and drink.