Vaccines will be effective against Lambda variant: Dr. Chandima Jeewandara

Responding to reports which claim that the Lambda variant of Covid-19 is resistant to vaccines, Sri Jayewardenepura University’s Allergy, Immunology, and Cell Biology Unit Director Dr. Chandima Jeewandara told The Morning that there is no concrete data to prove the same.

“We do not have any concrete data to show that the Lambda variant is resistant to vaccines. WHO approved vaccines are very effective against all the Variants of Concern, so I don’t see how it would be different with the Lambda variant,” he explained.

Speaking further, he stated that the variant was first detected in the South American country of Peru, adding that it has been present since late 2020. Dr. Jeewandara added that even though the World Health Organisation (WHO) recently updated its status to a Variant of Interest, it is still not categorised as a Variant of Concern like that of the Delta variant.

“Everyone is closely monitoring the behaviour of this variant. There is no evidence to suggest that this is more infectious than the Delta variant, and neither is there enough evidence to demonstrate that it will create severe disease or death,” he reassured.

Dr. Jeewandara highlighted that the Lambda variant has not been detected in Sri Lanka yet. However, he notes that if it is present, all the facilities are available to make such a detection.