Waffling – you’ve just got to have it!

By Dimithri Wijesinghe

Waffling is a quaint little waffle spot right opposite Havelock city, which you may have definitely come across at almost any food festival held within the bounds of Colombo.

Much like most other similar cafes, Waffling offers a satisfying variety of options, plated up to Instagram-perfect levels that will tantalise one’s taste buds at a glimpse.

Available on both Pickmefood and UberEats, Waffling offers the type of snack you just suddenly develop a craving for and absolutely must have.

While delivery feels ideal, the location itself is a pretty awesome spot situated right next to the Royal Institute. The place is hardly ever empty, but Owner and Manager Pradhishta Janathanan is sure to find you a spot.

Speaking with Janathanan about moving from being an ideal festival regular to an actual start-up cafe, she said: “I’ve always experimented with baked goods, and when I started doing the food festival circuit, a lot of people told me that they enjoyed what I bring to the table and that the prices were also really reasonable.” She said that while Waffling is a registered start-up under Krishanka Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd., it’s her baby –as she likes to put it – and that she hopes she could contribute something new and fresh which is also affordable to the market.

With similar cafe spots popping up like mushrooms in Colombo, everyone is competing to get a leg up and Waffling has certainly figured out the right moves.

The most unique feature about Waffling is that they offer exactly what you’ll get at a more name brand restaurant/cafe at almost a fraction of the price.

The highly reasonable price points were what really enamored us to this spot in the first place, and they truly did not disappoint.
Here’s what we tried at Waffling:


Freak shake

One of the comparatively pricier items on the menu, but totally reasonable, the shake is rather aptly named with the plethora of ingredients that goes into it. Filled to the brim with delicious cream and chocolate, the drink comes topped with a generous dollop of ice cream and the mother of all brownies. We did have trouble finishing it off as the flavor was very rich. Also, being one of the more fast-moving items on offer, it’s a whole meal in itself and gives great value for money.

Hot chocolate

Being hot chocolate enthusiasts, we were excited to try this one, and it really did not disappoint. The flavours were soft and subtle, not at all overpowering, and it was lathered in whipped cream which was a lovely complement to the overall taste of the drink. We definitely recommend this one!



Multicoloured waffles topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and sprinkles. This one is definitely one of those aforementioned Instagram-perfect dishes, with the multicoloured waffles plated beautifully and finished off with sprinkles; it looked gorgeous and the taste is not second to it. One thing that waffling does better than most similar spots is their near, perfect waffle; it’s soft, with the perfect amount of crunch, and at the same time, it’s fat and floppy – just how a waffle should be.

Berry happy

Waffles with fresh strawberries laid on a bed of whipped cream topped with chocolate sauce. Like we mentioned earlier, the potions here are quite large and it’s rather difficult to finish one by yourself, let alone several, and so we opted for the kids’ portion of this particular dish which is called “strawberry love”. The dish was simple and well-executed. The waffle was fresh and warm, and the strawberries were crunchy. Can’t go wrong with this simple dish.

The Ham-mer it!

The only savoury option we tried, though they do offer a large variety of savoury dishes. Cheefles, which is filled with cream cheese and kochi. They offer with kochi jam and even one with pol sambol and cheese, just to name a few. But the ham and cheese waffle just spoke to us when we saw it on the menu and we had to have it. Once again, this was a lovely sandwich, done well upto expectations, and the cheese melts in your mouth. It was warm and crispy – no complaints here!

If you’re out and about in Colombo, looking to get your waffle fix and don’t really fancy breaking your bank, then Waffling is the place for you.

With just Pradhishta and her helper, the place is warm and cosy and you’ll just feel absolutely welcome. If you’re not up for a visit, then you can always order some tantalising waffles to satisfy your cravings.

Photos Saman Abesiriwardana

. Address: 201 B, Havelock road, Colombo 5
. Tel: 076 7177725
. Opening hours: 11a.m. to 9 p.m.
. Be one of the first 10 customers to walk in today with our review and treat yourself to a 10% discount of your favourite waffle dish!