We have considered over 50% of population for vaccination: Govt.

The vaccination process will be conducted covering 50 per cent of the population, in addition to the 20% provision from the COVAX facility, stated the Health Ministry today.

“We have observed that the need for vaccination is greater than 20%. This is why we have decided to import more vaccines in addition to the provision by COVAX facility,” the Health Ministry said.

It was revealed that pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers will also be given priority in addition to the frontline health workers, triforce and police officials and citizens over 60 years.

Thereby, the Health Ministry has identified that about 150,000 health workers will be considered in the first batch, followed by 115,000 to 120,000 police and Tri-forces officials, including airport workers and employees at COVID treatment centers, and approximately 3,400,000 citizens over 60 years.