We urged MoH to increase PCR tests and now we see the result: Ravi Kumudesh

President of the Medical Laboratory Technologists Association Ravi Kumudesh today (23) stated that the current wave was caused by the Health Ministry’s incompliance to increasing PCR tests.

“For nearly two months, we have been urging the Health Ministry officials to increase the number of PCR tests, emphasizing that the reduction in the number of PCR tests has made it difficult to get an accurate idea of ​​the spread of the pandemic in the country,” he said.

Epidemiology chiefs had reportedly responded by saying that “PCR tests cannot be increased and that Covid can be detected without PCR tests because it cannot be hidden like a cough.” They also said that the number of PCR tests has been reduced in a deliberate and logical way.

Kumudesh said that the results of that move are now being reported, “but the attempt to impose its responsibility on the people is shameless.”

“Thus, the Ministry of Health cannot rule out the wave, which is said to have been brought under control in the first two weeks of March and April, as an outbreak of a major uprising in the last two weeks of April or as a result of public misconduct,” he said.

However, the Medical Laboratory Technologists Association emphasized that it is the responsibility of the Ministry of Health to identify the true nature of the disease by preventing the country from falling back into large spreads of Covid due to such arrogant decisions of some health authorities.