Were queues shifted to make way for Namal?


  • Namal claims was not scheduled to visit Welimada
  • Welimada Mayor claims Namal was scheduled to visit

Youth and Sports, and Development Co-ordination and Monitoring Minister and Digital Technology and Enterprise Development State Minister Namal Rajapaksa has denied that he was scheduled to attend an event in Welimada due to which a group of people had to be shifted from queues at a fuel station on the way, but Welimada Municipal Council Mayor Janaka Nishantha Rathnayake said that Rajapaksa was scheduled to attend the event.

Videos showed school van drivers lining up at one particular petrol filling station in Bandarawela, who had been granted special permission by the Divisional Secretariat to obtain their fuel quota from that particular filling station. However, some of the drivers claimed that they were moved to another station on Welimada Road after being told by certain individuals that the area had to be cleared due to Rajapaksa’s arrival to open a sports stadium in the area.

However, Rajapaksa posted on his Twitter account: “I had no scheduled event in Welimada. This is a misunderstanding and a rumour spread on my account.”

When the stadium was declared open yesterday (30) without Rajapaksa’s presence, Mayor Rathnayake had a contradictory statement.

“Even though Hon. Minister Namal Rajapaksa was scheduled to attend this event and declare this stadium open, he could not attend due to other duties, but I decided that I would declare this stadium open today (30),” the Mayor said yesterday.