When I came to power, I did not politicize any appointment: Prez

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said today (25) in his special address to the nation that he and his government have always respected the rule of law in public administration, and that no politicized appointments were made.

“When I came to power I did not politicize any appointment. Appointments were made based on merit. That justice was done at the highest level in the appointment of judges to the Courts and in the appointment of the Attorney General,” he said.

Speaking on the Port City and its development, the President said that the country now has the opportunity to attract local and foreign investors to the newly added 269 hectares of land to Sri Lanka, Colombo Port City.

“After the Port City Economic Commission Act was passed in Parliament, I appointed a Commission consisting of 100% Sri Lankans. The Cabinet and Parliamentary Finance Committee have already approved a $ 400 million commercial building with two towers as the first investment for the financial city we hope to build,” he said.

He stated that a few days ago, during the international conference on investment opportunities, the enthusiasm shown by local and foreign investors sent a positive message about the potential for investments in Sri Lanka’s future development.

“If we can achieve success in terms of foreign investment which would be on par with the other rapidly developing countries in the region, it will be a great help to strengthen our country’s foreign reserves. The people of our country can expect many direct and indirect benefits through this. We hope to open up these investments to the general public in our country by giving them the opportunity to be listed on the Sri Lankan stock market,” the President said.

Speaking further, he said, “I am ready to lead you today as I did then. I will fulfill my responsibility without failure. I believe that the wise people who love the country and are ready to take responsibility for future generations will continue to support me and my government in achieving our goals.”