‘WhyGo Ceylon’ 

  • Your own personal island travel guide

“WhyGo Ceylon” is a popular travel content page, featuring high production video content promoting travel destinations set around the island. Primarily focusing on hotel accommodation available for travellers in any given destination in Sri Lanka, WhyGo Ceylon is your personal travel guide, fully equipped with dynamic vistas and immersive video content that showcases a comprehensive yet brief snapshot of your desired destination. 

WhyGo Ceylon was initiated by travel enthusiasts Naduni and Ruwin Wijesinghe – a husband and wife duo – who started to travel together as a newlywed couple in late 2020 when they had their first proper trip together for their honeymoon.  

Speaking to Ruwin about their travel journey, he shared that prior to marriage, he himself was an avid traveller and photographer who enjoyed capturing all that Sri Lanka had to offer. He shared that he would often experience adventure travel, where he would hike and go on camping trips. However, his wife Naduni on the other hand, was a novice to this lifestyle. Despite this, Ruwin shared that she took to travel enthusiastically and they have travelled together ever since. 

Ruwin shared that while they do enjoy the travel lifestyle, they both maintain full time jobs which makes it rather difficult to travel as often as they would like. He said that because of this, much of their travel these days have been limited to project-based visits where they would visit hotel locations where they would be going to create promotional video content for those businesses. 

He stated that video production was a new area that he had picked up purely for the purpose of vlogging and sharing lived-in experiences at varying hotel accommodations. He said that he is rather confident in the uniqueness of his content, as one thing they are sure to do is to showcase their true experience in easy to digest quick snapshots: “We try to capture the full extent of what the location offers within a limited time span, perhaps just under five minutes to keep things interesting, and we try to feature a cinematic presentation of each location.” 

The duo’s YouTube channel has garnered much attention for this specific kind of content – and the channel also functions as an incredibly useful guide to interested travellers looking for accommodation as they feature easy-to-navigate playlists organised by area. Therefore, if you as a traveller have a general idea of where in Sri Lanka you would like to go next, then WhyGo Ceylon has you covered on where you should stay.

Ruwin shared that because they wish to remain as authentic as possible when selecting each individual location they feature, they make an attempt to filter out the more interesting exotic locations that feature a special something in their offerings – whether it be a unique view, location, or even experience-wise if there is something new to be had.  

Finally, he shared that due to their hectic schedules it is quite difficult to keep up this current time table of work all weekend at a nine to five job and then every weekend at a different corner of the island: “I’m personally quite restless when it comes to a traditional office condition, as a banker, while I am glad to have work, the work has the potential to be rather taxing, and so, my ultimate goal would be to eventually get to a point where I can look at travel content creation full time.” 

WhyGo Ceylon viewers can look forward to a host of new content that is upcoming in the near future. 

YouTube: WhyGo Ceylon

Instagram: @why_go_ceylon