WNPS educates children on responsible single-use plastic usage and reduction


Speaker at the WNPS Wild Kids ‘Nature Protectors’ educational talk, Green Choice Lanka Founder/CEO Upekshi Perera

The Wildlife and Nature Protection Society Sri Lanka (WNPS) will be organising a fun and educational talk titled “Nature Protectors” on single-use plastic pollution and mitigation on 9 October via Zoom, under their popular virtual platform initiative for children “Wild Kids”. Wild Kids was launched mid-2020 with the intention to instigate love and passion for nature and wildlife in the heart of our youngins, thereby creating a sense of environmental literacy and responsibility. 

Whilst the virtual event has been planned to take the children on a journey around the beauty of Sri Lanka and the damage caused by plastic pollution, it will inspire them to be part of the solution by introducing ways to reduce, reuse, recycle, and refuse single-use plastic and replace them with plastic free eco-friendly alternatives. It will further educate and promote children to stand up to the cause, as they, along with their families, play an important role in reducing plastic pollution.

Speaking at the event will be environmental organisation Green Choice Lanka Founder/CEO Upekshi Perera. She is a marketer by profession and a former speech and drama teacher of the Wendy Whatmore Academy, and encourages children to be a part of the WNPS junior membership/Wild Kids. She said that it’s important for kids to connect with nature to experience and explore and simply have fun. She further illustrates that whilst nature has important health benefits, studies show that it enhances creativity, attention span, and boosts classroom performance.

An example of pollution caused through single-use plastic

A child can positively influence the attitude and behavior of their elders and household towards the environment, said WNPS President Spencer Manuelpillai, further explaining that the goal of WNPS Wild Kids is to create environmental conservation through education and engagement.

Join the WNPS Wild Kids “Nature Protectors” talk on 9 October, 10.30 a.m. 

Zoom:  ID: 856 1692 0891/Passcode: 063094