Working in air conditioned spaces increases risk of Covid-19: Dr. Sudath

The Chief Epidemiologist of the Epidemiology Unit, Dr. Sudath Samaraweera says that one should always follow the health guidelines while performing duties in air conditioned offices or places.

He points out that due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus, it is more risky to work in closed spaces.

“Somehow, if a person is in a small room with closed doors and windows, especially in an air-conditioned area, the disease is more likely to spread to another person. So in places like that we recommend keeping windows and doors open whenever possible. Also, even in such a place, if we are not alone in the office, it is very important to wear face masks when meeting others in the room. They should wash their hands with soap as soon as they go to work in such a place. It is also important to wash your hands when leaving the place of work,” he said.

Specialist Dr. Sudath Samaraweera further stated that it is necessary to come to the hospital to seek treatment for non-communicable diseases or other ailments and to follow the health instructions properly.