‘You need to invest in yourself to be the best version of you’: Dr. Sarah Fazy shares her insights on aesthetic medicine

Dr. Sarah Fazy, or Dr. Cherry, as she is known in the industry, is currently practicing as an aesthetic/cosmetic doctor at the Durdans Hospital Colombo. In addition to this, she has plans of initiating her own venture – 360 Wellness – soon.

Dr. Cherry has been practicing in the field of medicine since 2015, and in the field of aesthetic medicine since 2018. She also has an MBBS and a Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

We caught up with Dr. Cherry on her journey to aesthetic medicine, her future plans and more. 

Following are excerpts from the interview:


Dr. Sarah Fazy

What inspired you to be an aesthetic doctor? 

It has always been my goal to be a medical practitioner. During my journey as a doctor, I realised that beauty and skin care was what most gripped my interest. 

I incorporated both aesthetics and medicine, as I believe that the quality of beauty treatments can be rendered with optimal elevation with the help of aesthetic medical treatments. I was mentored at the Sri Lankan Army hospital by a renowned dermatologist. Subsequently, I obtained my Diploma in Aesthetic medicine from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.


What does it mean to be an aesthetic doctor? 

An Aesthetic Doctor is a medical professional specialised in the procedures that they are competent in. They will be in charge of helping their patients improve on the features that make them feel unconfident. This will be based on strong medical and scientific criteria, and yet will be realistic. 

Maintaining a good relationship with the client is another key in aesthetic medicine; keeping the patient comfortable by instilling joy and making them glow, externally as well as internally.


What are some of the common misconceptions behind this field? 

We should primarily focus on increasing the awareness of aesthetic medical treatments. One misconception is the fact that it’s not only catered to older people. Especially in Sri Lanka, people don’t believe that prevention is better than cure; they only come to see me when the wrinkles have already taken its toll.

Inadequate knowledge with regards to aesthetics have led people to believe that the side effects outweigh the enhanced benefits of these treatments. Nevertheless with today’s state-of-the-art technology paralleled with a qualified and highly-skilled doctor, side effects are a minimum to zero, this can be deduced based on the initial consultation where we chose the treatment in context to the client.


What are your clients’ biggest concerns or frequently-asked questions? 

My clients always ask whether the results are permanent, or whether they can be achieved in a day’s time. Cosmetic medical treatments are focused on enhancing your appearance. 

The procedures, techniques, and principles of medical cosmetology are entirely focused on enhancing a patient’s appearance. Improving aesthetic appeal, symmetry, and proportion are the key goals. No treatment lasts forever, and no beauty queen became one overnight, but you can achieve what you are going for with a matter of time and effort. 

Some others always ask about why some treatments are priced that way. Wisely investing in ourselves has its fruitful returns. I believe that you need to invest in yourself to be the best version of you. Give priority to yourself. Be a results-oriented person! Instead of opting for unmethodical treatments haphazardly, I’d rather get maestro guidance to achieve optimum results.


How much of a role does self-confidence play when deciding to get work done on your body? 

When it comes to self-confidence, I think it’s an individual’s trust in his or her own abilities, capacities, and judgments, or belief that he or she can successfully face day to day challenges and demands. In other words, value yourself. 

Reflection should act as a continuing boost on self confidence. Being self-confident will assist you achieve your goals and pursue your ambition through determination. Nevertheless, confidence has to be gradually built. Beautification of oneself to an optimum level is a definite confidence booster! 


What advice do you give your clients before and after their consultation? 

During the consultation, we have an open discussion with regards to their requirements. Then we decide a treatment plan after having evaluated the pros and cons. 

I further advise them to have realistic expectations as this is not plastic surgery – we perform only minimally invasive to non-invasive treatments which don’t involve going under the knife.


Would you say skin care is important in maintaining healthy skin over resorting to surgery? 

 Skincare is so important. Whether you plan to go for aesthetic medical treatments or not, I would advise you that the earlier you start, the better. A good skincare routine can help with acne, it can help with aging – signs of aging may still be subtle in your twenties and thirties, but it’s the best time to initiate a proper skin care routine as a little bit goes a long way. Never forget SPF! Rain or shine, sunscreen is a must. However, aging is a natural process, and with the help of aesthetic medical procedures you can look your best at any age, thereby aging gracefully.


What are your thoughts on this field in Sri Lanka? 

Currently, the aesthetic sector in Sri Lanka is unquestionably heightening. There is indefinite market growth in this sector. Clearly, the growing clientele are computing better due to upgrading knowledge pertaining to the aesthetic medical services. 

So, aesthetic medicine is going to revolutionise you into the best version of yourself that you didn’t even imagine existed!


Tell us about 360 Wellness.

I’m working on my current project which is 360 Wellness. With 360 Wellness, we plan to offer a combination of services such as: skin care services, hair and body care needs, surgical or non-surgical cosmetic medical treatments, IV nutrient and vitamin therapies, weight loss, nutrition and fitness consulting and medical spa, services that aim to improve both physical and mental wellbeing.


You showcase your work and maintain an Instagram account. Has that benefitted your career in any way and what do you hope to promote with it? 

 One of the pillars for my growth was social media. I have been able to reach out to people through social media by educating them pertaining to the range of treatments and its benefits, most importantly how the cosmetic medical procedures are safely executed on our invaluable clients. Not only will they be familiar with the treatment prior to seeing me, but will also know what to anticipate, which eliminates fear and uncertainty completely. 

Unlike all ordinary consultations clients can reach out to me through virtual messages free of charge, prior to having an actual face-to-face consultation to get an overview of the treatment based on their requirements. Clients can also conveniently set an appointment directly from Instagram @dr_cherrysl or Facebook Dr.Cherry.